Every day we receive new enquiries from dog owners around the world looking for fun, kind and effective dog trainers to help them with their current struggles. 

The Dog Training College does not have the capacity to help these owners which is why we created our 'Approved Instructor Status'.

Through a world wide network of Approved Instructors we are able to refer our students to trainers that we know share our philosophy for ethical, modern and science based dog training. 

It's 100% FREE to gain Approved Instructor Status and there's no membership fees.

4 Reasons to gain

Approved Instructor Status

1. Get New Clients 

All Approved Instructors are entitled to a FREE listing on where you will be able to receive leads and referrals directly to your business. Everytime someone enquires about dog training classes or one to one's we refer them to our Approved Instructor Network. 

2.  Save Money 

Get 50% OFF our courses and other exclusive instructor discounts. If you are anything like us you like to invest in your own CPD and here at the DTC we do not believe this should cost an arm and a leg which is why in addition to 50% OFF our courses we'll also provide you with FREE business training. 

3. Get Recognised

As an Approved Instructor you will be able to use the Approved Instructor badge and wear the Approved Instructor clothing. 

The DTC brand has reached millions of dog owners so aligning yourself with us will help create trust for your business. 

4.  Internal Quality Assurance

We're striving to maintain excellence and that's why all Dog Training College Approved Instructors are subject to regular Internal Quality Assurance checks. IQA's ensure we maintain the high standard of our instructor network and ensure our instructors still meet the requirements of Approved Instructor Status.


During an IQA you may be required to show evidence of your qualifications, memberships, references, lesson plans and any other relevant documentation. You may also be required to show evidence of your most recent company policies and insurances. 


IQA's are carried out at random and conducted by our in-house Compliance Manager so that your clients can be certain they've hired a professional. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications/ experience do I need?

Unlike many of our competitors we judge each application on a case by case basis. There is no set criteria in order to achieve Approved Instructor Status BUT you should be able to demonstrate that you have adequate experience and be able to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to improving your knowledge.

If you are currently training dogs professionally we recommend applying. You have nothing to lose by applying. 

You MUST have Public Liability Insurance or your application will be declined. 

What happens if i'm declined?

Don't worry! We decline more applications than we approve and this is to ensure a high standard of instructors. Should we decline your application we will let you know how to work towards gaining Approved Instructor Status. 

You can reapply after a period of 3 months. 

How much will it cost me?

It is totally FREE to apply and become an Approved Instructor. We do NOT charge for receiving leads and referrals or any on going membership fees. 

How long does my status last?

Your status lasts forever. However please note your status can be revoked at anytime if you breach the instructor code of conduct. We will regularly review your instructor status by carrying out Internal Quality Assurance checks. These may involve us asking to see evidence of insurance, qualifications, CPD or observing your teaching. We may also review your website and ask for reviews from previous students. 

What happens if I fail an IQA?

Failing an IQA does not mean you will lose your Approved Instructor Status. We will let you know what areas to improve and support you in doing so. If you fail to improve or refuse to then we may then revoke your status.  

I'm a member of (organisation) can I still apply?

We welcome applications from all dog trainers regardless of what organisations you are a member of. 

Your application is highly likely to be approved if you are a full member of  any of the following organisations; APDT, IMDT, Karen Pryor Academy, Victoria Stillwell Academy or are a Clever Dog Licensed Instructor. We recognise there are many of great organisations that we haven't mentioned. 

Call us free 24/7 on 0800 471 4742

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