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Worldwide positions available. 


£33.33/ hour

Job Description 

We are seeking qualified, force free and experienced dog trainers to join our network of Approved Instructors (AI). As an AI you will receive referrals directly from us and be giving the opportunity for paid teaching jobs. 

The ideal candidates will hold relevant qualifications and be able to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to CPD. 

Members of the IMDT, APDT, VSA, COAPE, KPA or equivalent are preferred. 


Instructors must have a minimum of two years experience working with dogs in both a class and one to one setting. Approved Instructor Status is not suitable for newly qualified instructors. 


Roles & Responsibilities

  • Working with clients on a 1:1 basis

  • Teaching classes or workshops

  • Writing training plans

  • Providing clients with ongoing support

How to Apply

Before being able to apply for teaching jobs or receive referrals from us you first need to gain Approved Instructor Status

To apply for Approved Instructor Status please click here

Call us free 24/7 on 0800 471 4742

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