Unleased 2020 Keynote Recordings

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Missed our 2020 Unleashed Conference?

Get instant access to all 14, accredited Keynote talks.

What's Included:

Linda Ryan 'Puppies | Getting it Right From the Start'

Ian Shivers 'Back Off, It's Mine. How to Help The Possessive Dog'

Jack Fenton 'Imposter Syndrome | What, Why and How to Beat It'

Dr Ian Dunbar 'Phasing Out Lures, Rewards and Punishments'

Jan Rawlings 'It's Okay, They Are Only Being Friendly!'

Debbie Connolly 'Myths and Legends'

Julie Naismith 'Lockdown and Separation Anxiety, What's Really Going On'

Toni Shelbourne 'Real Dog Yoga - Posture Training'

Dr Clive Wynne 'How Did Dog's Become The Special Animals They Are'

Clare Andrusyk 'Puppy Pandemic - Spot The Scammers'

Leanne McWade 'The World of Calming Signals'

Alex Wilson 'The Tellington TTouch Method of Training Dogs'

Caroline Ingraham 'The Microbiome - Essential Oils and Their Influence on Health and Behaviour'

Nathan Leighton 'Understanding Predatory Motor Patterns'

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