Dog Training College announces NEW 'points' system

Anyone that has logged in to their Dog Training College account may have noticed they have accumulated some points.

Until today, Dog Training College, have not revealed exactly what these points mean, leaving students wondering what they can do with the points they've amassed and what the purpose of them are.

Students earn points for just about everything they do. Attending a workshop will earn them a generous 250 points and a Master Class will earn them 500 points. Students also earn 250 points for completing each online Crash Course and a whopping 1000 points for gaining Approved Instructor Status.

The DTC has also revealed plans to award points for social engagement and activity based rewards. Students will be able to earn points for; helping fellow students, contributing within the college's growing Facebook communities and even for logging in on a regular basis.

A further exciting development will see the new role out of ranks. Students will soon be able to move up the ranks with clear progress maps detailing how they can progress. The highest rank achievable will be for the title of Senior Instructor. A status that can only be achieved by being nominated and voted on by a committee made up of the college's most senior employees and instructors.

Dog Training College reveals NEW points system and students LOVE what's in store.

The most exciting announcement made today, was what students will be able to do with their points. Students will be able to use points as a currency and will be able to purchase events, courses and even use the points to pay towards their membership fees. Students can save their points up or spend them within a new shop section available to logged in students only.

Students can expect to begin seeing changes in their accounts from Monday 11th November 2019 starting with the existing technical issues being fixed. The changes will be rolled out throughout November and December ready for 2020.

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