Introducing the NEW Dog Training College Platform

In March 2019 we launched our own platform for students to study and interact with one another. We have been blown away by the number of students logging in and engaging with one another on a regular basis.

At the DTC we listen to our students and build our courses and events around their feedback. Our new platform has been built with our students in mind - we've taken all the feedback (the good and bad) we've received and we've made changes we think you're going to love.

The following post is an overview of our new platform.

News Feed

The first thing you'll see when you log in, is the brand new News Feed. This is where you can see what other students are up to, post your own updates and see what the DTC Team are announcing. This is similar to Facebook's Timeline and features @mentions, # hashtags, commenting, liking, photo's, GIF's and more.

Private Messaging

We've transformed the messaging experience within the new platform. Messages are now streamlined in to a 'Facebook Messenger' style format with one single continuous messaging stream between students. We now support photo's, GIFS and Emoji's right from within the messenger.

Course Experience

The new platform's number one aim is to provide a seamless student experience.

Students can now take advantage of 'Dark Mode' for night time studying, Stream lessons on their TV and other devices (iOS), preview courses and transition between lessons effortlessly with real time course progression updates.

Our new 'Focus Mode' allows for distraction free studying by maximising the lesson and removing any distracting menus and text.


We've re imagined student profiles.

The new addition of Coins, Gems and Credits replaces it's 'boring' predecessor 'Points'.

Coins are awarded for study based actions and now include 100 Coins for watching Facebook Lives and 250 Coins for watching each Webinar.

Gems are awarded for community based actions such as logging in daily, making connections and sharing your experience and support with other students via the News Feed.

Credits will soon be able to be purchased with Coins and Gems and used as real currency as complete or partial payment within the built in Shop.

You can now view badges, download certificates, continue courses, find friends and even create photo albums directly from your profile page.

Global Search

We know it's not always easy finding what you're looking for so in addition to streamlining the layout of the site - we've revolutionised the Search capabilities with smart drop down suggestions and responsive keyword searching across the entire platform.

Search for courses, content, friends and even products from any page.

Call us free 24/7 on 0800 471 4742

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