Is Gaining 'Approved Instructor Status' Worth It?

There are a number of reasons why becoming a Dog Training College Approved Instructor is a good idea, here's just a few:

It's FREE! (and here's why!!!)

Approved Instructor Status is and will always be 100% FREE. Companies that charge a fee to accredit, approve or recognise dog trainers, however well intentioned they may have set out to be, benefit financially by having more members and therefore this can let the entry requirements slide. The DTC are able to remain impartial when approving instructors because they do not benefit financially.

Quality Assured

The DTC are the only dog training organisation to carry out Internal Quality Assurance checks on ALL of their Approved Instructors. This means that the DTC regularly asks for proof of qualifications, memberships and proof of insurance. They also regularly check instructor's websites, social media pages and student feedback. Instructors are told how they can improve if they fail an IQA and face losing their status if they do not make adequate improvements.


Approved Instructors are able to use the Approved Instructor badge and wear exclusive Approved Instructor clothing. 

The DTC brand has reached millions of dog owners worldwide, so aligning yourself with us will help create trust for your business. 

Save Money

Get exclusive deals with us and our partners just for being an Approved Instructor. We know that your probably not a dog trainer to become a millionaire so providing deals can help you keep more of your hard earned revenue.

Some of our very first Approved Instructors with Head of Training, Leanne McWade and Senior Instructor, Alex Wilson

Get New Clients

In 2019 the DTC referred 100's of students to their Approved Instructor network. Approved Instructors get FREE referrals via their free listing on

Paid Job Opportunities

From time to time the DTC offers Day Rate Work out to their instructor network. This could be teaching or assisting courses, tutoring or assisting with secret DTC projects.


Approved Instructors are invited in to the DTC Instructor closed Facebook group where they can ask questions, share ideas and access free business training in a safe and supportive place.


Anyone can leave a public review about any of our Approved Instructors via their public profile listing. This means that students have a centralised place they can share their experiences about the performance of our instructors. This means that Approved Instructors are accountable and students can make informed decisions when choosing local trainers.

How to apply for Approved Instructor Status

If you'd like to apply for Approved Instructor Status please click here and complete the application form.

Call us free 24/7 on 0800 471 4742

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