A Live Master Class by Jordan Shelley

Held at Suffolk One, in Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom

Saturday 9th November 2019, 10.00am - 3.00pm

Workshop Overview

Dog trainer Jordan Shelley will cover a whole range of tools to help you work with your dog and their fear/reactivity/aggression towards other dogs.


Watch Jordan work with two to three reactive dogs and their handlers to demonstrate the knowledge and tools to desensitise the dogs to the presence of other dogs and the environment.


There will be a short amount of time spent going through some theory and getting to grips with the basics of dog behavior and body language, followed by a vast array of training exercises/setups, observation sessions and then the formulation of a bullet pointed plan to show how Jordan would set the owners up to take the training forward.

Presented by Jordan Shelley

Jordan Shelley is a talented dog trainer based in the New Forest National Park in the UK. He is one of the most famous crossover trainers in the world, who switched from traditional force-based training to positive dog training after a giant backlash against his appearance on BBC's "One Show."

A furor followed that appearance with many from the dog behavior and training world up in arms about his use of dominance-based techniques, in particular their use on national television without adequate information about how potentially dangerous they can be.

Many people, faced with the ferocity of opinion against them, would have faded into the background as quickly as possible. Jordan, however, decided instead to seek the best advice he could get. 

Since then Jordan has trained with, been mentored by and taught alongside: Dr Ian Dunbar, Steve Mann, Sarah Fisher and Grisha Stewart. He has earned the respect of the positive dog training community and teaches regular workshops about Reactivity, Fear, Working Dogs Around Livestock and often gives talks on his cross over journey.

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