Reactive Rascals 


The 4 Part Programme to overcoming your dog's Reactivity 

Reactivity is one of the most common struggles for owners.

This 1 day course will equip you with the skills to help your dog overcome reactivity.
We've developed a 4 part programme specifically designed for dogs that bark, lunge, pull or just get too excited around other dogs, people or things.
If you have a reactive dog or you work with reactive dogs then this course is for you. We believe dogs can overcome reactivity.
The Reactive Rascals® programme is for anyone that wants to overcome their dog's reactivity and includes classroom training, access to online video refreshers, support documents and access to on going support via a private alumni Facebook group. 
Please note - this is an owner only workshop. Please do not bring your dogs along.

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A State of the Art Learning Experience 

We provide a state of the art learning experience for all learning styles.

Refresher Videos

PDF Downloads

Expert Tutors


Understanding Reactive Rascals

The first part of the course is designed to give you the understanding required to understand what reactivity is before we begin to manage and overcome it. 1.1: What is a Reactive Rascal? 1.2: Measuring Success 1.3: The Law & Your Responsibilities 1.4: The Escalation Pyramid 1.5: Understanding Coping Strategies 1.6: The Reactivity Scale 1.7: Proactive vs Reactive Training 1.8: Managing Threshold 1.9: What Gets Rewarded, Gets Repeated 1.10: Not All Socialisation is Good Socialisation 1.11: Understanding Your Dog's Emotion 1.12: The Power of Rest 1.13: Food Matters 1.14: The Truth About Exercise

Becoming Your Dog's Superhero

Part Two is about becoming your dog's advocate and many owners find this part of the course invaluable. Sometimes the smallest of changes can reap the biggest rewards. 1. Find Your Community 2. Hire a Pro 3. Becoming a Dog Detective 4. Pre-empting Reactivity 5. Choosing and Using the Right Equipment 6. Health 7. Identifying Triggers 8. Know Your Dog's Threshold 9. Calmness 10. Taking a Break 11. Plan, Plan and Plan Again 12. Video & Review 13. Mighty Muzzles 14. Switch Up the Routine 15. Record Keeping 16. Managing Other Owners

The Reactive Rascals Method

The Reactive Rascals Method follows 3 core principles. 1. Mindful Dog Trainer 2. Sensory Experiences 3. Fun Based Training This part of the course explores the importance of these core principles and how they will help transform your training. Do EVERYTHING with these in mind.

The Reactive Rascals Toolkit

This is the section everyone loves. It's the sexy part of the programme where we explore practical tools you can implement in your training. You'll explore a range of different tools here but will have access to many more after the course has finished via the private Alumni Facebook Group. Training is life long and there will always be new tools you can use with your dog. The secret is to find the ones that work best for you.

What You Will Learn


This is a level 3 classroom based course. You will receive PDF support documents along with video refreshers via the private Alumni group. We will also provide further opportunities for extra research.  

Upon successful completion of this workshop you will earn a Reactive Rascals certificate of completion.  

After completion you will be able to use the certified Reactive Rascals badge on your website and marketing materials. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost? 

The average workshop costs £55 per person. However prices are set by individual instructors. Please click the link to the course you want to attend for more details. 

Who is the course taught by? 

The course is delivered by a Dog Training College Approved Instructor who has completed further training to specifically be able to deliver this workshop. 

How long is the workshop? 

The workshop is 5 hours in total and includes a short networking session.

Will I get a certificate? 

Yes! You'll get a certificate of completion after you complete this workshop.

Can I take my dog? 

No! This is an owner only workshop. We do offer practical training but experience has taught us that a classroom setting surrounded by others who share the same struggles is the best way to deliver this programme. 

How many people will there be? 

We've restricted numbers to around 25 - 30 people. Some workshops may have up to 50 people attending. 

What if I can't make it? 

Let your instructor know as soon as possible so they can help. Do not wait until close to or after the event to let them know. 

Call us free 24/7 on 0800 471 4742

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