Dr Clive Wynne

Dr Clive Wynne studied at University College London and the University of Edinburgh. He has served on the faculty of the University of Western Australia, and the University of Florida, before arriving at Arizona State University in 2013.

His broad interest is in comparative psychology understood to include the evolution, development and progress of the behaviour of individuals and groups of nonhuman animals. The behaviours Wynne is interested in range from simple conditioning to complex cognitions.

His approach is behaviourist in his emphasis on parsimonious explanations, cognitive in his interest in rich behaviours, and ethological in his concern to see behaviour as a tool in animals’ adaptation to their environments. The specific focus of ongoing research is the behaviour of dogs and their wild relatives. In this domain Wynne’s group studies the ability of pet dogs to react adaptively to the behaviours of the people they live with; the deployment of applied behaviour analytic techniques to the treatment of problem behaviours in dogs; the behaviours of shelter dogs that influence their chances of adoption into human homes, as well as the welfare of shelter dogs; improved methods for training sniffer dogs; the development of test banks for studying cognitive ageing in pet dogs; humans as social enrichment for captive canids; among others.