Susan Garrett

Susan Garrett’s interest in animal behaviour started at the University of Guelph where she earned a B.Sc. in Animal Science. Since then she has developed into a pre-eminent canine sports instructor and competitor. Susan is one of the most consistently successful dog agility competitors of the last two decades. She has been on the podium of World and National Championship events more than 50 times winning those events a total of 38 times. This success turned Susan into one of the most popular presenters in dog sports worldwide.

A natural teacher and an entertaining speaker today, Susan is recognized as a leading educator of dog trainers. Her understanding of how to apply science-based learning principles to both competitive and family pet dog training has been pivotal in changing the way dogs are currently trained. Susan’s philosophy is a simple one, create an environment where work turns into play for the dog. This is the same philosophy that has given Susan’s online dog training programs massive appeal. Susan’s online memberships and courses now help thousands of dog lovers reach their goals while having the best relationship possible with their dogs.