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Verified Certificates

A verified certificate is a certificate that verifies that a learner has completed a specific activity. These certificates are printed with the learners full name, a unique traceable code, hologram, CPD hours and details of the activity.

  • Gain Trust With Accreditation
  • Unique Secure Hologram

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a PDF version?

No. Verified Certificates are only available in printed format due to the security hologram.

Do I need a Verified Certificate?

Verified Certificates are completely optional. They provide added security and a way for a third party to authenticate them. We’ve introduced Verified Certificates due to a number of requests from learners.

How does Verification work?

We keep a central record of every single Verified Certificate we issue. This means that if somebody contacts the College wanting to authenticate a certificate, we can check the unique code printed on the certificate with our records and confirm it’s authenticity.

How long will it take to receive my certificate?

Please allow up to 3 weeks to receive your certificate. If you need your certificate urgently please let us know.

How much are Verified Certificates?

Verified Certificates are currently available at the introductory price of £15. This includes VAT, postage, packing and admin. We’ve kept this price as low as possible. There are no discounts on Verified Certificates.

I attended a previous event, course or activity. Can I get a Verified Certificate for that?

Yes. Provided we can verify your participation we are able to provide a Verified Certificate.

I want to order multiple Verified Certificates. Can I?

No problem. There is no limit to the amount of different certificates you can order. If you are ordering multiple certificates please contact us.

Why should I get one?

Unlike our standard certificates these certificates are printed with your name, display the number of CPD points and carry a unique secure hologram. These certificates are great for displaying and building a CPD portfolio. Many learners use verified certificates so that prospect employers or clients can verify that their certificate is genuine.